Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm back!

WOW! I'm just going to apologize again for never updating... then move on.

Moving on.

So today is day 6 of week 22: which means 23 weeks tomorrow! I'm so excited to be going right along... Ariana has been growing like crazy, and kicking up a storm! A couple of nights ago, after she kicked me about 6 times right in the same place, Dan reached over to feel her, too. Of course, she froze for a few minutes, and right before he was about to give up, there she went again! Daddy's reaction? "Holy crap! She's beating you up! Did you teach her how to throw temper tantrums already?" She's particularly active in the evenings, and I'll catch her still moving if I wake up in the middle of the night - fortunately, she's not waking me up yet!

So our project of the week has been the powder room. Many, many thanks to my gorgeous Momma for coming over to help me paint... she knocked out those high walls and ceilings, and did all of the trim and the door. Now we've just been hanging up hardware and accessories - and in my case, learning how to use a level. (Yep, we have even hangings. I promise. Well... some of them are level.) I'm glad to be completing a project!

Off now to play with some puppies and relax before work tonight... it's been a great week of actually being able to see Dan, cook and eat dinner together, and have a couple of date nights. Lucky us, and we've been loving the weather! Tomorrow, I'll get to hang out with my darling goddaughter, while her parents go check out their new home! Full of adventures lately :-)